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Registration of a primary production operator in feed business

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

According to the feed hygiene regulation, the entire feed chain, including primary production, must be registered as feed business operators. A farmer and a livestock producer must register to produce, mix, prepare and use feed to feed food-producing animals.

The primary production operations in feed business that must be registered are:

  1. production of feed (e.g. cultivation of feed grain or ...

Do the following

  • Farmers and livestock producers can register as primary production operators with the Finnish Food Authority’s form F.
  • Farms using unprocessed or simply pasteurised milk and milk based products can register with the Finnish Food Authority’s form J. Farms using animal protein feeding stuffs to feed production animals or liquid feed that contains fishmeal apply for registration/approval with the Finnish Food Authority’s form I.

To whom and on what terms

According to the feed hygiene regulation, registering as an operator in primary production in feed business is a prerequisite for operations. Feed for the production of feed and to feed food-producing animals can only be obtained from registered or approved feed business operators.

However, the registration obligation does not concern farms that

- feed only fur animals or other animals that do not end up in the food chain (e.g. horses for hobbies and racing);

- use animal feeding stuffs to feed the farm’s own animals and the food derived from these animals is used exclusively at the farm;

- use no more than three hectares of cultivated area to produce feed per year, and which delivers all the feed it gains from this area for the on-site use of a local farm or a similar operator.


Prior to the commencement of operations

Processing time

Registration notifications are processed within 10 days.

Period of validity

Until further notice

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Updated: 15/3/2023