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Registering and supervision of pressure equipment

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

The owner or possessor of the pressure equipment shall notify pressure equipment for registration during the first periodic inspection. The notification shall include information on the manufacturer, importer, owner, possessor and operation supervisor, technical information on the pressure equipment and the location of the pressure equipment.

The owner or possessor must assign and notify to Tuke ...

Do the following

Pressure equipment is registered in two parts:

  1. Submitting a change notification to Tukes. Report the operation supervisor or substitute supervisor information as well as changes in the state of the pressure equipment (storage, scrapping and changes in owner, operation supervisor or substitute supervisor information).

  1. Activities of the inspection body: a possible investment plan, basic information sheet (registration notification), first periodic inspection and periodic inspections are needed.

If the pressure equipment needs to be registered, contact the inspection body and request the first periodic inspection.

The owner or possessor of the boiler plant shall appoint an operation supervisor with the required competence for the task and sufficient expertise in the structure, use and maintenance of the boiler. The power figure of the boiler department determines whether or not a qualification certificate is needed in addition to expertise. The power figure is calculated as the sum of the inputs of the maximum permissible working pressure and power measures for the different steam and hot water boilers used in the boiler plant. The power figure is calculated on the basis of the boiler plant's registered boilers. There are training and work experience requirements for obtaining a qualification certificate.

To whom and on what terms

The operation supervisor of the pressure equipment to be registered shall have the qualification required for the task and shall possess sufficient expertise in the construction, operation and maintenance of the pressure tank.

The responsible persons for the boiler plant are required to have either a qualification certificate or a suitable engineering examination and sufficient experience, depending on the power figure of the boiler plant.

Essential changes in operations must be reported to Tukes.

If a trader is established in another country belonging to the European Economic Area and provides its services temporarily in Finland, the trader is required to fulfil the same obligations as traders established in Finland.


Prior to the launch of operation, the first periodic inspection, possible inspection of the investment plan and the appointment of an operation supervisor are required.

Processing time

7–80 person-days

Period of validity

The registration is valid as long as the owner of the pressure equipment or the operation supervisor or the substitute supervisor is changed and the responsibility is transferred to another person.

The service is provided by

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Responsible for the service

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)
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Updated: 22/8/2023