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Regional work by The Museums of Lappeenranta

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The South Karelia Museum advises and guides local museums in matters like applying for grants, renovating buildings, cataloguing and preserving artefacts as well as work with the public.

The Lappeenranta Art Museum is the regional art museum of South-Eastern Finland, offering various art expert services to the regions of South Karelia and Kymenlaakso and developing and providing visual cultural s ...

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Regional work by the Musums of Lappeenranta is the responsibility of two curators, one of whom focuses on region-related responsibilities and the other on art museum-related responsibilities. The best way to reach them is by email. See the museum website for the email addresses.

Background information

The purpose of museum services is to maintain and build up the population's understanding of culture, history and environment. The museums are open for everyone.

The museums preserve cultural and natural heritage and keep it for the generations to come. Through their exhibitions and publications, the museums also inform the public and engage in research and teaching.

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City of Lappeenranta

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City of Lappeenranta
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