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Public meeting

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The Assembly Act defines a public meeting as a demonstration or other event organised for the exercise of freedom of assembly and at which people other than those specifically invited may join in or follow. However, a demonstration organised for the sole purpose of allowing individuals to voice their personal opinions is not considered a public meeting.

Do the following

The police must receive either verbal or written notification of a public meeting that is due to take place outdoors and in a public place at least 24 hours in advance.

Notification of a public meeting can be made either through the police e-service or at the local police department. A printable notification form is available on the police website.

The notification of a public meeting must be accompanied by a completed notice of organising a demonstration in a public place.

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To whom and on what terms

Notifications made later than 24 hours in advance may also be considered valid if the meeting will not cause undue disturbance to public order. A notification can also be made about a demonstration that is due to take place outdoors and in a public place for the sole purpose of allowing individual persons to express their opinions. In such a case, the demonstration is covered by the provisions of the Assembly Act concerning public meetings, with the exception of section 5.

If organising a public meeting in the place intended would endanger people’s safety, cause considerable harm to the environment or damage to property, cause undue disturbance to bystanders, disturb traffic, disturb a State visit or disturb an international meeting organised by the government or equivalent event requiring protection, the police may, having discussed the matter with the contact person, order that the meeting be relocated somewhere better suited to the purpose of the meeting.

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