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Public consultation on field trials with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

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You have the opportunity to express your opinion on planned field trials using living genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Finland. However, there is no hearing in situations where it could endanger a person's life, health or the privacy of the patient. This exception may apply, for example, to clinical trials of a genetically modified pharmaceutical for treating a rare disease or to urgent tr ...

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Information on new field trial applications will be published on the website of the Board for Gene Technology and in the Official Journal. You can also join the mailing list so that you will always be notified by email of a new application.

During the hearing period, you can send your comments by letter or e-mail to the Board for Gene Technology.

To whom and on what terms

All interested parties may submit their opinions and comments. Note, however, that a field trial permit may only be refused to the applicant if the planned experiment would involve health or environmental hazards that cannot be prevented by risk management measures.

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The Board for Gene Technology
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Updated: 2/5/2023