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Psychologist's services in student welfare

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Among the psychologists in student welfare are the school psychologists at primary and lower secondary schools, high schools and vocational institutions.

The school psychologist's tasks include promoting children's school attendance, studies, learning and welfare, as well as promoting the welfare of the community in the entire school, or educational institution.

Psychologists may support childre ...

Do the following

Contact the psychologist at your own school, or educational institution. The school psychologist maybe contacted by the child or youth themself, the custodian, a person among the school staff, or some other school affiliate.

For further information, see the Wilma or DigiOne service of your school or educational institution.

To whom and on what terms

Visiting the school psychologist is free of charge, voluntary and confidential. Students in basic education, high schools and vocational institutions may use the school psychologist's services.

Background information

A student welfare psychologist (school psychologist) supports school attendance, learning and mental well-being and helps with learning difficulties. The psychologist works on mental health problems and, if necessary, assesses a pupil’s or a student’s need for treatment or support.

A psychologist's services are offered at every school and educational institution. A student must be organised a possibility of talking to a student welfare psychologist in person at the latest on the seventh working day after the student or a guardian has requested a meeting. In urgent cases, this possibility must be organised on the same or the following working day.

A student welfare psychologist participates in developing the well-being of the entire educational institution community. The psychologist also refers the student to other student welfare services if necessary.

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The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland

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The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland
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