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Porvoon kansalaisopisto

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At Porvoon kansalaisopisto (KoMbi) our goal is to provide the adult population of Porvoo and Askola the opportunity for independent studies and developing skills and learning.

Porvoon kansalaisopistos office is situated at the KoMbi house at Mannerheiminkatu 15, where plenty of courses are also held during daytime. Courses held in Swedish are primarily held at Lyceiparkens skola, Piispankatu 3-7.

Do the following

The courses offered and instructions for registering can be found on the centres’ websites.

To whom and on what terms

Adult education centres are open for everyone.

Background information

Adult education centres offer possibilities for independent learning and improvement of civic skills. Rather than a qualification, studies at an adult education centre aim for the student’s versatile development, lifelong learning, well-being and active citizenship.

Some adult education centres also organise basic education in the arts in accordance with the national core curriculum. Adult education centres also offer open university courses. Adult education centres are maintained by municipalities, joint municipal authorities, NGOs, foundations or communities by authorisation of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The maintainers make their decisions on the content of the instruction independently. The instruction often focuses on manual skills and pastimes, languages and arts. The instruction is typically provided for groups in the evenings or weekends. The instruction can be organised as contact or distance teaching.

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The City of Porvoo

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The City of Porvoo
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Updated: 31/5/2022