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Plots for construction

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You can apply plots for constructing estates and companies from the City of Vaasa. The plots for estates are plots for terraces houses, multi-storey buildings and detached houses. The City of Vaasa mainly conveys estate plots for construction according to the city plan through public applications either by renting or by selling. The technical board annually decides on the principles on conveying plots and taking reservations for estate plots.

Plots for detached houses:

Plots for detached houses are conveyed through public applications, either during separate application times (new plots, plots for competitive bidding) or through so-called continuous applications. As a rule of thumb, the person to whom the plot is assigned can decide himself or herself whether to buy or rent the plot. When assigning plots for detached or semi-detached houses, selection criteria that have been determined beforehand are applied. Some plots may also be distributed on other grounds or sold through competitive bidding. Any fixed-price plots that have not been assigned during the application rounds will be distributed in order of registration.

Plots for terrace houses and multi-storey buildings:

Plots for terrace houses and multi-storey buildings that are of special value or especially sought-after are mainly assigned through a public price or quality competition. Otherwise plots are mainly distributed at the discretion of City officials, taking into account the City’s housing and industrial policy targets and the quality of the proposed building projects.

Plots for companies:

Plots for companies according to the city plan are conveyed for construction through public applications or through negotiations. The City of Vaasa primarily convey plots for companies by renting. Plots for companies are distributed through negotiation, taking into account the City's business political targets.

Plots can also be distributed based on the public price and quality competition. Industrial and warehouse plots are sold only in exceptional cases.

Do the following

Ask more about the applicable estate plots from the Real Estate Department of the City of Vaasa.

Plots for companies can be inquired from the Real Estate Departments plot services:

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

Applying for plots is free of charge. By paying the reservation fee of the plot, you verify the plot reservation. More information about the payments are given by the plot services of the City of Vaasa.

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