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Responsible for the service The Ministry of Justice

Petition of pardon

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You can apply for a pardon for a sanction imposed by a court of law or another criminal sanction. In individual cases, the President of the Republic can, after receiving an opinion from the Supreme Court, pardon a sentence or sanction in whole or in part. The President of the Republic decides on pardons following a presentation by the Minister of Justice.

Do the following

Submit the petition and any appendices addressed to the President of the Republic through the Ministry of Justice.

There are no specific formal requirements for the petition of pardon. Check that the petition contains the necessary basic information:

  • Name and personal identity code of the person for whom the pardon is sought
  • Sentence or other criminal sanction for which you are seeking pardon
  • Justification of the petition.

The Ministry of Justice informs the applicant and other concerned persons or authorities of the decision of the President of the Republic.

To whom and on what terms

  • The pardon can be sought by the sentenced person, a private person, a community, an authority or someone else.
  • The petition can concern any person who has been sentenced (such as imprisonment, fine or community service) or under other criminal sanction (such as forfeiture or deprivation of military status).
  • The sentence or sanction must have legal force.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byThe Ministry of Justice
Responsible for the serviceThe Ministry of Justice
Area Whole Finland
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Updated: 8/7/2022