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Permit related to extraction of land resources

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When planning the extraction of rock material, gravel, sand, clay or soil, you need a land extraction permit. Provisions on the extraction of land resources are contained in the Land Extraction Act. In addition, the extraction and crushing of rock material may also require an environmental permit. In this case, applications for land extraction and environmental permits are processed together and a ...

Do the following

Apply for a permit under the Land Extraction Act for the extraction of land materials for removal transport, on-site storage and processing. Apply for a permit in writing from the municipal environmental protection authority.

Attach an extraction plan to your permit application, which contains details on the extraction of land materials and the management of the environment.

In the extraction plan, provide information on the organisation of soil extraction, such as the quality and quantity of soil to be extracted, the area and depth of extraction, operating times and equipment to be used. Describe the surroundings and prevailing natural conditions, such as groundwater conditions. In addition, explain the impacts of the project on the environment and natural conditions and how the area will be landscaped once the extraction of soil has ended.

Attach the location map, site drawing and cut-away views to the application. A waste management plan for extractive waste must also be attached.

In addition, you must have the landowner's consent to the extraction of soil if the property is owned by someone else. Also include the cadastral index list.

Submit the application to the department of environmental services of Oulu region, primarily in electronic format.

If you need help with the application, contact the environmental inspectors of Oulu region. The contact information of the environmental inspectors can be found on the environmental protection website.

To whom and on what terms

If a trader has established their business in another country within the European Economic Area and intends to provide their services temporarily in Finland, the trader is subject to the same obligations as all other traders established in Finland.

Processing time

Apply for the permit well in advance. The processing of the land extraction permit takes at least four (4) months.

Period of validity

A land extraction permit is granted for a fixed period, usually for a maximum of ten years.

Background information

A permit in accordance with the Land Extraction Act is required for the extraction of land materials, i.e. rock, gravel, sand, clay and soil for removal transport, on-site storage or processing.

If the extraction of land material in the same operating area involves simultaneous rock extraction and a stone crushing plant, an environmental permit is usually required in addition to the land materials permit. You can apply for permits with one permit application, in which case the applications are processed together and decided on with one decision.

If other environment-related permits are required for a project in addition to the land materials permit, the applicant may request coordination of the permit procedures from the permit authority, in which case the processing stages of the different permit procedures will be synchronised.

The holder of a land extraction permit shall submit an annual notification of the quantity and nature of the land materials extracted. The notification usually submitted via an electronic notification form.

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