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Parking services

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At our service point Osviitta, you can buy regional, 24-hour and business parking permits for city-managed parking areas. At Osviitta, you can pay the parking fine or submit a claim for rectification to the parking inspector in connection with your fine. Veterans' parking permits can also be obtained from Osviitta.

Do the following

A parking penalty fee must be paid at the latest on the due date. If a penalty fee has been issued or a vehicle has been clamped, you can contact the parking warden to file a claim for a revised decision. As a rule, the claim must be filed within 30 days of the date on which the decision was attached to a vehicle or the vehicle owner was otherwise notified of it.

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

Parking permits are subject to a fee in accordance with the current price list.

Background information

The task of parking enforcement is to enforce compliance with the rules and regulations concerning stopping and parking cars and stationary idling. Parking in public areas is monitored by municipal parking inspectors and the police. A parking inspector may impose a parking penalty fee for a violation of these prohibitions and restrictions. The size of the fee varies by municipality. If you think you have been fined on false grounds, you can file a claim for a revised decision.

Parking enforcement may clamp your car if it has been wrongly parked for at least two days or your car has accumulated five unpaid parking penalty fees.

A municipal parking warden or inspector must have insignia and a uniform that indicate his or her task, as well as a badge of office that can be displayed if necessary. Private parking facilities with their own operating principles and rules also operate in large cities

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Responsible for the serviceCity of Rovaniemi
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Updated: 13/7/2022