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Parcelling of a plot

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Building sites in the detailed plan area are created by parcelling. (A binding plot subdivision must be prepared for the area before plot parcelling). Plot parcelling becomes pending at the written application of the owner or after the National Land Survey of Finland has submitted information on the title registration of a parcel to the City Survey Department. The plot parcelling process takes app ...

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Parcelling surveys can only be carried out in local detailed plan areas with binding plot division.

Background information

A parcelling survey determines the area and the boundaries of the plot. The details of the plot to be parcelled will be entered into the cadastre. Parcelling begins automatically without an application when a legal confirmation has been granted for the transferred part of the property (parcel).

The owner of the property can also request that the property he or she owns be divided into parts for the owner’s own purposes.

Within the local detailed plan areas of cities, the local authority is often responsible for parcelling and cadastre maintenance. In other areas, these are the responsibility of the National Land Survey of Finland.

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