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Notification of land extraction for household needs

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A land extraction permit is not required if the soil is taken for one’s own normal household use. In this case, the extraction and use of soil material must be related to housing or agriculture and forestry. Land extraction for household needs must be connected with construction work or the maintenance of traffic routes.

If the amount of household use extraction exceeds 500 solid cubic metres, th ...

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Background information

The extraction of land materials, i.e. rock, gravel, sand, clay and soil, for one's own normal household use, such as construction or maintenance of traffic routes, does not require a land extraction permit.

If more than 500 cubic metres of soil has been or will be extracted, this must be reported to the municipal environmental protection authority. Land extracted for household needs is extracted from one's own land, common areas or another party’s land based on land load.

No specific quantities have been given for the household needs-related land extraction and use, but the purpose of the use determines whether it is based on household needs. The sale of extracted land materials is forbidden.

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Updated: 18/12/2023