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Notification of a manure heap

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An advance notification to the municipal environment authority is required for a manure heap (storage of manure in a hole in the ground).

The notification on the storage of manure and organic fertiliser products is submitted by the recipient of the products. Notification of the storage of manure in the exceptional situations and of the ripening of a compost shall be submitted by the operator whos ...

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If you store dry manure and unpackaged organic fertilizer products in a heap or store dry manure in a heap in an exceptional situation, you must notify the municipal environmental protection authority 14 days before starting the storage process. If necessary, the environmental protection authority will carry out an inspection at the site.

If you are the recipient of the manure and the organic fertilizer products, you must submit a notification of their storage. If you are an operator on whose animal farm the manure is generated, you must submit a notification of manure storage in an exceptional situation and of the ripening of the compost.

You can get more information on how to submit a notification by contacting the environmental secretary or from the Ympäristöpalvelut Helmi website for environmental services.

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Background information

A heap is a longish hole dug in the ground in which manure, other organic fertilizers or compost that needs ripening is placed to wait for later application in the field. An advance notification on the heap must be given to the municipal environmental protection authorities.

Manure heaps are forbidden in groundwater areas and areas that are at risk of flooding. The heap must be placed on firm ground in a field and if the field slopes, the heap must be placed is high as possible. The heap must be placed at least 100 meters from any water body, main ditch or well used for household water and at least five metres from any ditch.

A 20-centimetre layer of material that absorbs liquid must be spread at the bottom of the heap and the heap must be provided with an impermeable cover. Any snow must be removed from the area before digging the hole for the heap.

The material stored in the heap must be applied within twelve months. A new heap may not be placed to the same location until two years later.

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