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Notice of a public event

  • Permit or other obligation
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Public events are governed by the Assembly Act (530/1999). A public event is an open-air event, a competition, a show or other similar event, which is not a public meeting such as a demonstration. Generally speaking, a public event does not require an explicit invitation for participation or membership of any particular organisation or association.

A public event may be hosted by a competent ind ...

Do the following

Notice of a public event can be made either though the police e-service, by telephone or by printing out a form on the police website and sending it by post. Notice can also be given at the police station.

Further information on how to submit a notice of a public event can be found on the police website.

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To whom and on what terms

Notice of a public event must be submitted at least five days before the event takes place. Exceptions are those public events which, due to the small number of participants and the nature of the event or the venue, do not require any measures to maintain public order and safety, or to prevent harm to bystanders and the environment, or otherwise special traffic arrangements.

The police may also request further clarification from the organiser of the public event, such as the consent of the owner or the guardian of the venue or location where the public event will take place or any other notices, permits or measures required by law to organise the event. The police may also require documentation that liability insurance has been taken out.

Police and rescue authorities require the organiser of a public event to systematically plan for security issues. The event organiser is responsible for maintaining order and security at the event. If necessary, the police may give instructions and orders regarding the organising of a public event. In that case, a separate decision will be made, which will be charged separately from the notice of public event fee.


At least five days before the event begins. For large public events, the organiser should contact the police earlier.

Period of validity

The decision made on the basis of the notice is valid for the duration of the public event.

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