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Notice of a firework display

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Firework displays can only be organised by a company that has the required qualifications and has been licensed by TUKES. Professional firework displays may use fireworks that are not for sale to the general public. Environmental authorities may impose noise restrictions on firework displays, which vary in urban and sparsely populated areas.

Do the following

- The local police must be notified of any plans to arrange a firework display at least 14 days in advance.

- The notice must include details of the location of the display, its exact time and the types of fireworks to be used. The notice must also include details of storage arrangements at the firework display location, safety distances and other precautions to prevent accidents, contact details of the person in charge, as well as the personal and contact details of the persons operating the fireworks.

The notice must be accompanied by a copy of the decision by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) on the notification made by the organiser of the firework display.

Further information on organising a firework display can be found on the police website. A notice of firework display can be made either through the police e-service or by printing out and completing a form available on the police website.

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To whom and on what terms

The local police must be notified of any plans to arrange a firework display at least 14 days in advance. Notice must be given even if the firework display is to be part of another public event.

The police may impose conditions and restrictions on the organisation of the firework display if they are deemed necessary for the safe handling of fireworks and for public safety. The police can also prohibit the organisation of a firework display. (Section 97 of the Safe Handling of Dangerous Chemicals and Explosives Act). In that case, a separate decision will be made which will be charged separately from the notice on the firework display fee.

If fireworks are to be used for purposes other than a firework display, the fire and rescue services must be notified five days before the event. The fire and rescue services must be notified of all events that are not part of a public event, such as setting off leftover fireworks at times other than around New Year.

Period of validity

The decision made on the basis of the notice is valid for the duration of the firework display.

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