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Montessori teaching

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Montessori teaching is a teaching method where functional teaching material facilitates the learner’s individualised and unhurried progress. This working method strengthens the sense of community and helps the learner grow into an active member of their group. The student is guided to work independently based on their individual prerequisites and he or she will learn to take responsibility for his or her own learning at an early stage. Montessori teaching is available for grades 1–6. Vantaa does not provide Montessori teaching for grades 7–9.

Students for the Montessori class will be mainly elected from among the incoming 1st grade students who have attended Montessori education in day care or in pre-primary education. The students accepted into Montessori class from the other grades are required to have a Montessori background from their previous school. Accepting students in Montessori classes is counted as secondary student admission.

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