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Monitoring of resident selections

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The general direction of resident selections belongs to the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), which gives municipalities instructions on the methods of monitoring. Some resident selection criteria are at the discretion of the municipality, and the methods of different municipalities may vary. Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa have prepared common instructions on communicating the grounds for resident selection and methods of monitoring. The monitoring is carried out as post-monitoring, i.e. the owners of ARA rental flats do not generally submit their resident selections for approval by the municipality. Information about the selected tenants must be sent to the municipal housing authorities once a month. Information about tenants changing flats must also be reported. If requested, owners must be prepared to present the application documents of those selected for and those applying for rental flats and submit other reports on the flats and applicants in accordance with the law.

If the municipality observes that the owner of a rental building does not follow the regulations and instructions or follows them in an insufficient way, monitoring can be enhanced by carrying out pre-monitoring for a fixed period or until further notice.

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