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Mental examination

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Mental examination patients are admitted to the Hospital at the order of a court. The National Institution for Health and Welfare determines the institution where mental examination of the accused will be carried out. The chief physician of the hospital decides when a patient can be admitted, so that the National Institute for Health and Welfare cannot overload the hospital’s bed capacity through its decisions. Provided that the decision can be justified, the chief physician may also decide not to admit a patient, whereby the National Institute for Health and Welfare will find an alternative examination facility. The Mental Health Act states that the examination may last a maximum of 2 months. At Niuvanniemi Hospital the average duration of mental examinations is 53 days. On the basis of the Mental Health Act, a person undergoing mental examination may be kept at the hospital against his or her will. However, the objective is to carry out the treatment in cooperation with the patient as far as possible.

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

Daily hospital fees are posted on website.

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The service is provided byNiuvanniemi Hospital
Responsible for the serviceNiuvanniemi Hospital
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Updated: 9/4/2019