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Meat inspection

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The purpose of meat inspections is to ensure that the meat and meat-containing items produced for consumption are safe and impeccable in terms of food hygiene.

The meat of domestic and game animals that is intended for public consumption must be inspected. A meat inspection includes a review of the so-called food supply chain data sent to the slaughterhouse in advance about the slaughter animal, an ante mortem inspection performed on a live animal before slaughter, and a post mortem examination carried out after slaughter. The meat inspection is performed by a veterinary inspector of either the Finnish Food Authority, the Regional State Administrative Agency or the municipality. The inspector monitors the safety of meat, the welfare and origin of animals, the processing of by-products and the taking of laboratory samples and their results. Animals are slaughtered and the meat inspected in an approved slaughterhouse, reindeer slaughterhouse or small-scale slaughterhouse. Wild game meat can be inspected in an approved game processing facility or in a slaughterhouse, small-scale slaughterhouse or reindeer slaughterhouse which has been authorised to slaughter wild game animals.

Do the following

Meat inspections are carried out by veterinary inspectors and meat inspectors. When a slaughterhouse or a small-scale slaughterhouse is approved by the meat inspection unit of the Finnish Food Authority, the Finnish Food Authority will assign the necessary meat inspection personnel to the slaughterhouse/small-scale slaughterhouse. In the case of reindeer slaughterhouses, the Regional State Administrative Agency is responsible for the approvals and the organisation of meat inspections.

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

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The service is provided byFinnish Food Authority
Responsible for the serviceFinnish Food Authority
Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
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Updated: 5/11/2021