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Meals in day-care centres, pre-primary education, basic education and upper secondary schools

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Meals in day-care centres and schools are organised in all day-care centres, comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools. The City of Lappeenranta purchases the school catering services from Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy. In day-care centres, children are also served breakfast and a snack in addition to lunch. In some schools, it is possible to buy snacks from Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy. Upper second ...

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For more information on meals in day-care centres and schools, contact Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy. You will find menus and contact information on their website, among other things.

Special diets are taken into account on health grounds according to individual needs as per the national allergy programme. If your child has a special diet, fill in the special diet form in the announcements section of the Wilma service and submit it to the staff in charge of food services at the daycare centre or school.

Background information

Children in both part-time and full-time early childhood education and care are entitled to meals and the necessary snacks, for which the parents pay in the monthly fee for the care. Pupils in pre-primary and basic education are entitled to a free school lunch provided by the municipality on school days. Students in general upper secondary education and vocational upper secondary education and training are entitled to a meal at least on those days when their instruction is provided at the school.

Small children’s, pupils’ and students’ allergies and other illnesses, ethical choices and special features of their religion are taken into account in the provision of meals in day-care centres and schools.

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Updated: 13/1/2023