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Licences for the construction of pipelines and for the storage concerning natural gas and biogas

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

The construction of natural gas and biogas pipework and the storage of natural gas and biogas require a construction licence issued by Tukes. The licensing procedure aims to ensure the safe placement, compliance with requirements, construction and equipping of pipelines and pipework equipment, as well as the consideration of external activities. The transfer and distribution (excluding pipework branches distributing to buildings) of natural gas and biogas always requires a construction licence. An operational pipeline always requires a construction licence when the target’s fuel efficiency is at least 1.2 MW. You can apply for licences concerning natural gas and biogas in the Regional Administration e-Services.

A construction licence is required for the storage of natural gas and processed biogas if the quantity of the gas to be stored is at least 5 tonnes. If the storage volume exceeds 0.2 tonnes but is less than 5 tonnes, Tukes must be notified of the storage. According to the SEVESO regulations, a storage is considered a prevention policy establishment if the storage volume is at least 50 tonnes and a safety report establishment if the storage volume is at least 200 tonnes.

Do the following

Search the Tukes Regulatory Information Service for the Government Decree on the Safety of Natural Gas (551/2009). See also the Tukes instructions 7/2015 Natural gas handling safety and other instructions. Fill in the application electronically in the Regional Administration e-Services.

To whom and on what terms

An independent third party, i.e. an approved inspection body, inspects sites that require a construction licence. The inspection verifies impartially that the natural gas pipework is placed and equipped correctly, and ready to use. For storage sites with 5 tonnes or more natural gas or processed biogas, Tukes carries out an initial inspection after the site is finished.

Please note that before Tukes carries out their initial inspection, an inspection site must complete their technical inspections. A person must be named in charge of the pipework’s usage (operations supervisor) before the pipework or storage is deployed, and when needed, one or more deputies for them.

Under the Natural Gas Decree, the operator appoints a qualified person employed by the operator to supervise the use of natural gas. All sites that require a construction licence are subject to an initial inspection and a periodic inspection every eight years. The inspection is carried out by an approved inspection body. The procedure concerning the construction licence is applied for modification permits. You must apply for a permit for any modifications, or in case of minor changes (including operations supervisor), you must notify Tukes.

If a trader is established in another country belonging to the European Economic Area and provides its services temporarily in Finland, the trader must have a Finnish business ID or the trader must be a legal person on whom national legal obligations can be imposed.

A fee is charged for the service.

You can find the Tukes price list on our website.


The licence must be applied for well before making detailed implementation decisions and starting the construction work of the production establishment.

Processing time

If the licence does not require hearings, its target processing time is 80 days. If the licence requires hearings, its target processing time is eight months. The target processing time for the operation supervisor notification is 80 days.

Period of validity

The licence is usually valid until further notice.

Basic information

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