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Investment aid for reindeer husbandry and natural means of livelihood

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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The aid for reindeer husbandry and natural means of livelihood can be used to improve and maintain production and housing conditions in facilities. As a reindeer farmer, you can apply for support for investments that are necessary in reindeer husbandry to boost efficiency, improve quality or help adapting to new circumstances. You can also apply for building aid to improve the housing conditions i ...

Do the following

  1. Before submitting an application, please contact the ELY Centre for Lapland.
  2. The experts at the ELY Centre will advise you on how to submit your application.
  3. Check that you have the necessary rights to log in to the Hyrrä service in your organisation's name or that you have given another person sufficient rights to act in your organisation's name in the Hyrrä service.
  4. Fill in the electronic application and attach the necessary attachments.
  5. Sign and submit the application for processing.

The following forms shall be attached to the application:

Loan commitment, form 3549L

Application for government loan guarantee, form 3562.

Business plan, form 3547

If you apply for the aid on a paper form: Aid application, Investment aid for reindeer husbandry and natural means of livelihood, form 3561

The application process is ongoing, but decisions are made by aid period as follows:

  • 16 January–15 April
  • 16 April–15 June
  • 16 June–15 September
  • 16 September–15 January

To whom and on what terms

Conditions for receiving the aid are as follows:

  • You own at least 80 living reindeer.
  • You are between 18–65 years of age.
  • You possess adequate professional skills.
  • You live within the reindeer herding area.

If you are under the age of 40 and own 50–79 living reindeer, you can apply for financial support to acquire reindeer or off-road vehicles. To get the aid, you must work for 60 workdays approved by the reindeer herding co-operative within three reindeer herding years.

If you have already turned 60, you are no longer eligible for financial support for the building, expansion or renovation of a housing facility.

Reindeer farmers may be granted financial aid for investments needed in reindeer husbandry to boost efficiency, improve quality, secure operating conditions or help adapting to new circumstances or requirements. Financial aid may be granted for investments related to the acquisition of both movable and immovable property. For similar purposes, financial aid can also be granted for investments needed in practising some other natural means of livelihood.

Building aid for a housing facility can also be granted to persons engaged in reindeer husbandry or other natural means of livelihood for investments that are aimed at improving the housing conditions at the farm. For the building aid to be granted, the apartment specified in the aid application must be used as the permanent residence of the applicant, their family member or a person who is discontinuing farming as a result of a generational transfer, provided that they have reserved the right to continue living at the farm. The apartment must be appropriately suited in terms of size and amenities for the above-mentioned purpose and appropriately located to engage in the trade. In addition, the road, electricity and water supply arrangements required for a housing facility can be considered when assessing the expediency of the aid.

A reindeer herding co-operative may be granted aid for an investment which is necessary in order to complete a task related to reindeer husbandry, when the co-operative is obligated under the Reindeer Husbandry Act to complete the task or when the task is otherwise necessary for the co-operative’s farming purposes.

The service is provided by

ELY Centre for Lapland

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ELY Centre for Lapland

Responsible for the service

Finnish Food Authority
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Updated: 11/11/2022