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Intrastat declaration service for businesses

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An Intrastat declaration is a statistical declaration on intra-EU trade flows.

A company must submit a declaration on the import of goods from EU countries to Finland and on the export of goods from Finland to other EU countries, when the value of the intra-EU trade (import or export) exceeds a certain statistical threshold. Customs will notify your company when the threshold value is exceeded and you are obligated to declare Intrastat data. The statistical declarations are submitted each month.

Select the most appropriate way for your company to submit an Intrastat declaration. The selection of an appropriate channel depends on things such as the volume of trade, information systems in use and other customs-related activities.

Read more about the alternatives:

  • Submit the declaration in Customs Intrastat declaration service online. In addition to companies, the Intrastat service can be used by agents submitting statistical declarations on behalf of companies.
  • Submit the Intrastat declaration via Customs Message exchange service. Message exchange is the declaration method of choice if your business has a large number of declarations and you use Message exchange for other customs-related matters.
  • Submit the Intrastat declaration in the TYVI service supplied by Posti Messaging.
  • Purchase customs declarations as a service from a forwarding agency or another service provider; they will also provide you with more information on outsourced services.

Do the following

Read the Intrastat instructions at: You can also call the Intrastat service number.

The declaration can be made in Customs Intrastat declaration service by a company or an agent submitting statistical declarations on behalf of companies subject to an obligation to provide information.

Before using the service, please read the instructions for identification and how to use the services.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

The Intrastat declaration service is free of cost. In the TYVI service, you can send electronic forms free of charge, but a charge applies for uploading a file to the service.

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Updated: 10/2/2021