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Installation, maintenance and inspection of natural gas, LPG and oil heating equipment

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Only approved installation, maintenance and inspection personnel may install and maintain the actuators and plastic natural gas pipelines of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and oil heating installations and inspect underground oil tanks.

The installation, maintenance and inspection company must have a responsible person for ensuring that the company operates in accordance with the regulation ...

Do the following

Use the Regional Administration e-service electronically. The following appendices are required for the application:

Gas and oil heating equipment and checking oil tanks

  • A copy of the responsible person's qualification certificate

Plastic natural gas pipelines

  • certificate of sample work at the installation shop
  • responsible person’s certificate of technical training or welder's qualification training
  • responsible person's work experience report
  • welders' qualification certificates

To whom and on what terms

If the requirements of the regulations are met, the permit is granted. A permit may be refused if the required information is not provided or there are deficiencies in the fulfilment of the requirements.

Changes in operations must be notified to Tukes. If an operator is established in another country within the European Economic Area and provides services in Finland on a temporary basis, the operator must clarify with the competent authority whether they are subject to licensing, notification or registration.


Approval must be obtained before commencing operations.

Processing time

1–2 months

Period of validity

The permit is valid until further notice.

The service is provided by

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Responsible for the service

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)
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Updated: 29/11/2022