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ID cards for regulated social welfare and healthcare professionals

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The ID card for regulated social welfare and healthcare professionals (professional ID) is intended for social welfare and healthcare professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses and Bachelors of Social Services.

A professional ID card allows it’s holder to reliably identify themselves in healthcare information systems and to use electronic signatures in patient documents and prescriptions.

A regulated social welfare and health care professional's ID card is personal and it is tied to the card holder’s professional practice rights. A social welfare and healthcare professional can work nationwide in all healthcare sector organisations with the same card.

A professional ID card is valid for 5 years, unless there are valid limiting factors to the person’s cardholder’s professional practice rights.

The following data is displayed on the front of the card: card validity, the card holder’s registration number, their last and first name, and their professional title. The back of the card includes, for example, the card’s serial number of the card. A professional ID card can be ordered with or without a photo.

A new professional ID card must be ordered, if there are any changes to the certificate’s data content or the data printed on the card. These types of changes include, for example, your surname or professional practice rights. A new professional ID card must also be ordered if the card is damaged or lost.

The delivery time for the card and the activation code letter is approximately two weeks. The activation code is sent after approximately 4 working days after the card has been sent.

Do the following

Ordering your first professional ID card

If you are ordering your first professional ID card or if your previous professional ID card is no longer valid, order a new card at a public health service registration point. If you want to include your photo on your professional ID card, check with the registration point to determine the format in which the photo is to be delivered to the registration point. The list of registration points is posted on the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s website.

We recommend booking an appointment with the registration point in advance. You can book an appointment to some registration points using the appointment booking service. You can also book an appointment by contacting the registration point in question.

Bring a valid form of identification, such as a Finnish ID card or passport, when you visit the registration point. Other acceptable forms of identification include the following: a passport or identity card issued by an official government agency of an EEA member state, Switzerland or San Marino, or a passport issued by an official government agency of another state. If you do not have any of the aforementioned documents, the police may, upon request, verify your identity and create a separate identification document that they will then send to the registration point.

Renewing a professional ID card

If you still have a valid ID card for regulated social welfare and healthcare professionals and need a new card, you can order a new card from the WebVartti service. You can order a card with or without a photo from WebVartti, depending on the option you chose for your previous card.

Card activation

In order to use your card for e.g. identification purposes or signing prescriptions, the card must first be activated. To active your card, you will need an activation code, which is sent to you in a separate letter. During activation, you will create two personal PINs for the card.

If your card is lost or broken, its certificate must be revoked by contacting revocation services.

To whom and on what terms

The applicant must have a valid practice right in the Terhikki or Suosikki register. If the applicant does not have valid professional practice rights entered into the Terhikki or Suosikki registers, the person cannot apply for a professional ID card.

The service is free of charge.

The professional ID card itself is free of charge, but the public health service registration point may charge a fee for its registration services. You can check the sums of possible service fees by contacting the registration point. The fees charged by some registration points are also listed in the appointment service.

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