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Greenhouse gas emissions permit and emission monitoring plan

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Greenhouse gas emissions permit is needed to allow installation covered by the emissions trading scheme to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

For example, an emissions permit is required for the combustion of fuels in installations with a total rated thermal input of more than 20 megawatts and smaller combustion plants connected to the same district heating network as well as oil refiner ...

Do the following

  1. Use e-Authorization to authorise one or more people as the company’s FINETS system user. The authorisation matter is called the Provision of information on emissions permits and emissions reports. If the e-Authorization cannot be made, please contact us by e-mail at
  2. Complete the forms in the electronic emissions trading system (FINETS) to submit the permit application and the application for approval of the monitoring plan. If you are applying for a permit for an installation for the first time, please contact us at

You must apply for a greenhouse gas emissions permit and the approval of a monitoring plan in projects related to the production of renewable energy if the installation is covered by the emissions trading scheme. Applications are always submitted through the FINETS system.

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To whom and on what terms

A greenhouse gas emissions permit is required if the installation falls within the scope of the Emissions Trading Act.

An emissions permit shall be granted if:

  • The operator's emissions monitoring plan and planned measures for reporting emissions are adequate, appropriate and in line with the Commission's Monitoring Regulation.
  • The operator may operate under environmental protection regulations.

Using FINETS requires that the operator has authorised its representative to use e-Authorization to use the system.


The application for authorisation and the application for approval of the monitoring plan must be submitted to the Energy Authority at least six months before the planned start of the activities.

Processing time

The Energy Authority shall take a decision no later than two months after receipt of the application and any supplements thereto.

Period of validity

Until further notice

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Energy Authority

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Energy Authority
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Updated: 28/3/2022