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Responsible for the service: The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom

Application for reservation of airspace

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In addition to the permanent airspace structure, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) may establish temporary reserved airspace (TRA). The methods for flexible use of airspace are described in detail in the ASM Operating Manual. Under the Aviation Act, Trafi may restrict or prohibit aviation in a specified area for a period of no more than two weeks. Trafi may establish temporary danger areas (D areas) by its decision. The establishing of temporary reserved airspace must be published in an AIP Supplement, the goal is to publish this 2 weeks before the operations in question. Before making the decision to establish such an area, Trafi will consult various aviation stakeholders. Proposals for establishing temporary reserved airspace must be submitted to Trafi no later than 8 weeks before the planned start of operations. The fee for an online application may also be paid using online banking through the e-transaction service. The application fee is EUR 320.