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For event organisers

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The event organiser should make sure that all the necessary announcements and licence applications for an event have made in good time.

With the electronic event announcement, the event organiser can complete almost all of the necessary announcements and licence applications for an event arranged in Helsinki.

Do the following

Requests for permits and reservations can be made to municipal authorities responsible for the construction and maintenance of streets and green areas.

To whom and on what terms

If the entrepreneur has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same permits are required as from entrepreneurs established in Finland.

A fee is charged for the service.

Fees may be charged for the permits. The permit holder must provide compensation for any damage to the areas covered by the permit. If public areas are used for purposes outside the scope of the permit, the permit holder may have to pay a higher fee for the use of the area (For example, the fee may be doubled).

Background information

Permits for using streets and green areas for exceptional purposes must be sought from the municipality. A permit must be sought for such purposes as cultural events.

If a private party wants to reserve a street section or a green area for such purposes as construction work, it must erect a sign stating the contact details of the client and the contractor and the duration of the work.

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