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Flexible basic education

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JOPO is an abbreviation from joustava perusopetus, i.e. flexible basic education. Flexible basic education allows for studying alternatingly at school and in a workplace. JOPO studies are intended for students who find it difficult to complete their comprehensive schooling the traditional way. Students that prefer functional and work-oriented studying will benefit from flexible basic education. JO ...

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To whom and on what terms

Students of grades 7–9 who would benefit from working life-oriented studies can apply for a place in a flexible basic education. The applicant must have at least one year left of their comprehensive education and they must be motivated by functional working methods and benefit from them.

The applicant must fill in an application form, and a recommendation statement from the student welfare personnel must be attached to it.

The teacher, school social worker and youth counsellor will interview the applicants.

Background information

Flexible basic education supports pupils in higher comprehensive school, or grades 7— 9, who are at risk of not obtaining a basic education certificate. Flexible basic education stresses learning by doing, the use of different learning environments and on-the-job learning.

Flexible basic education is organized by comprehensive schools in cooperation with municipal youth, social and health services and vocational institutions, general upper secondary schools and workshops for young people. The teaching is organised around groups of pupils.

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