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Extended compulsory education

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If it seems that the goals set for basic education cannot be achieved in nine years because of the child’s disability or illness, compulsory education begins one year earlier than what is specified for basic education. Compulsory education ends when the basic education syllabus is completed or at latest after 11 years of starting extended compulsory education. Pre-primary education of a child in e ...

Do the following

Have your child examined by Eksote professionals as recommended by the daycare centre or child health clinic. When the necessary examinations have been conducted, you will receive an expert opinion to be delivered to the child’s daycare centre. Usually, a joint negotiation meeting is held after the examinations to jointly agree on starting extended compulsory education.

For the decision, the early childhood education teacher and special-needs teacher prepare a pedagogical report in Wilma. The report includes the education provider’s assessment of the child’s support.

In addition, the guardians must be heard for the decision. The daycare centre personnel will give you a form to sign stating that the guardians and child have been heard.

The decision on extended compulsory education is made by the head of the early childhood education district in which your child resides according to the population register. In addition, a special-needs support decision is made for your child, as children in extended compulsory education are always also special-needs support children. You can see both decisions in your child’s Wilma account and in the decision sent home. In addition, the head of your child’s daycare centre makes a decision on pre-primary education.

Your child attends extended compulsory education at the familiar daycare centre. When pre-primary education begins, you and the daycare centre personnel prepare an individual educational plan (IEP) for the child. The plan is available in Wilma.

If you cannot use Wilma, contact the head of the daycare centre or Customer Service Centre Winkki.

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