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Exploration permit

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Under the exploration permit, the permit holder has the right to examine the structures and composition of geological formations in the area referred to in the permit for one's own land and another's land (exploration area). The permit holder also has the right to conduct other studies preparing mining activities and other exploration in order to locate the deposit and to determine its quality, extent and usability in accordance with the exploration permit. The exploration permit holder may build or transfer to the exploration area temporary structures and equipment necessary for research activities in accordance with the exploration permit.

An exploration permit does not entitle the user to exploit the deposit, but it gives the permit holder the privilege of a mining permit, which entitles to the exploitation of the deposit. The prerequisites for granting a mining permit are related to the size, concentration and technical properties of the usability of the deposit.

An exploration permit is without prejudice to the property owner's right to use or govern its area.

Do the following

An applicant can reserve an area with a notification to the mining authority (reservation notification).

A priority based on reservation notification is valid once submitted in compliance with section 44 and no impediment exists under Mining Act. Notification shall include a necessary and reliable account of:

1) the party;

2) the area to which the reservation of priority applies (reservation area);

3) compilation of an exploration plan and other measures in preparation for the application, and schedule.

Reservation may not concern an area that forms part of an exploration area, mining area, or gold panning area or is located at a distance of less than one kilometre from such an area, belonging to a party other than the applicant on the basis of a permit referred to in Mining Act. Reservation can neither concern an area that has previously been a reservation area until one year has passed since the expiry or cancellation of the reservation decision. Decision is valid for up to 24 months from the notification. Validity length can be considered case-specifically. Reservation decision expires: 1) after deadline, 2) when an exploration permit has been applied for with the privilege, 3) if the party making the reservation submits a written notification of the matter to the mining authority.

Mining authority may also cancel the reservation decision if incorrect or incomplete information has been provided in the notification or its appendices.

For applying, familiarise yourself with the requirements of section 34 of the Mining Act (621/2011). Content of the electronic ore prospecting permit application form (in PDF format) corresponds to these requirements. Complete all sections and submit the application with necessary attachments.

Exploration permit may be assigned to another party. Assignee shall fulfil requirements corresponding to those applicable to the permit holder under this Act.

Permit holder can apply for an assignment of a permit by submitting an application to the mining authority. As concerns the assignment, the application shall contain a necessary and reliable account of the assignee and cover other matters of significance. Necessary official certificates, extracts from registers and other corresponding documents for the verification of the information presented in the application, and the consent of the assignee, shall be appended.

To whom and on what terms

The first person to apply for an exploration permit shall have the privilege. The permit application shall contain a report on all sections that are necessary and reliable for the consideration of the permit and which are presented in section 34 of the Mining Act (621/2011). If the application for an exploration permit is incomplete or lacking necessary details, an application filed by another applicant that does fulfil the application requirements provided in section 44 of the Mining Act may be given privilege.

A reservation may be rejected if there are grounds to suspect that, due to the extent of the reservation area or for other reasons, the party making the reservation does not have the prerequisites or the intention to apply for an exploration permit. A waste management plan for extractive waste must also be attached to the exploration permit application. The exploration permit holder must pay annual compensation (ore prospecting fee) to the owners of properties belonging to the exploration area.

If a trader is established in another country belonging to the European Economic Area and provides its services temporarily in Finland, the trader must have a Finnish business ID or the trader must be a legal person to whom national legal obligations can be imposed.

A fee is charged for the service.


When the permit decision is legally valid and the permits required by other legislation have been obtained.

Processing time

Case-specific processing time based on area location and research methods.

Period of validity

No more than 4 years after the decision has become legally valid. The permit may be extended up to a maximum of 3 years at a time so that the permit is valid for a maximum of 15 years

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