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Exemption from joining the water utility’s water supply or sewerage network

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According to the Water Services Act, a property located in the area covered by the water utility’s water supply and sewerage network must join the network. The aim is to protect the environment and human health.

It is possible to apply for exemption from the obligation. Its granting is conditional on, among other things, circumstances that make joining the network unreasonable, the sufficient ...

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Background information

As a rule, properties must connect to the water and sewer networks of the water utility in their municipality or joint municipal authority. The obligation applies especially to properties within local detailed plan areas. The municipal environmental authority may on application grant an exemption from the obligation to join the water or sewer network to a property on which a building will be built.

An exemption can be granted if connecting to the network would be unreasonably expensive or difficult if the need for the services is extremely low or there is some other special reason for granting the exemption. The exemption must not compromise appropriate water services in the area. The property must also have access to enough household water that meets the requirements.

The party exempted must ensure that the wastewater from the property is conducted and treated in accordance with the requirements in the Environmental Protection Act. The property must usually have its own septic tank or cesspit or some other solution that meets the requirements laid down in legislation.

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Updated: 17/9/2023