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Environmental permits and notifications

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Activities that require authorisation include landscape or terrain changes; groundworks; land extraction for commercial purposes; use of motor vehicles in an off-road environment; handling containers with oil, fuel and other chemicals; as well as any exemption from the obligation to join the water supply and sewer network.

Activities that must be notified to the authorities include activities that cause particularly disturbing noise or vibration, the repair and dismantling of external walls and other external structures of buildings, deviations in the storage of manure as well as abnormal and experimental conditions, waste management deviations or other situations causing abnormal emissions and experimental conditions when the continued operation would require an environmental permit.

In addition, the following activities are registered in the Environmental Protection Services’ information system instead of the environmental permit: fuel distribution stations, asphalt plants, small energy installations, concrete plants and some activities in which non-methane volatile organic compounds are used.

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