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Environmental compensation

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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Environmental compensation payments are area-based compensation, that cover the cost of the measures and lost income. The measures included in the environmental commitment for environmental compensation are tools for reducing the environmental load of agriculture.

Environmental compensation is paid for farm-specific and plot-specific measures. Compensation for the farm-specific measures concern a farm’s whole commitment area, and compensation for plot-specific measures for the plots in which some measure is performed.

Farm-specific measure: Balanced use of nutrients

Plot-specific measures

• Placing liquid manure in a field

• Recycling nutrients and organic substances

• Runoff water management

• Environmental management grasslands

• Organic mulch for horticulture plants and seed potatoes

• Vegetation cover of fields during winter

• Biodiversity in farmland

• Alternative plant protection for horticulture plants

To whom and on what terms

The commitment period of environmental compensation is five years. The commitment period can be extended annually. The minimum area of the commitment is five hectares, and one hectare on a farm that grows horticulture plants. The age requirement is 18 years and older.

Making the environmental commitment or increasing the commitment area has been restricted since 2015.

When you commit to the environmental compensation, you commit to the farm-specific measure, in which case you must comply with the commitment terms of the environmental compensation on your entire farm. In addition to the farm-specific measure, you can choose plot-specific measures. The number of such measures is not limited in the commitment. You must exercise the plot-specific measures for a time defined in the terms of the measure, which may be, for example, the entire commitment period for a safety zone.

Your commitment will expire if the commitment area decreases below the minimum area or in force majeure circumstances. If you give up your commitment during the commitment period for other reasons, any paid compensation will be reclaimed for the entire commitment period.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
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Updated: 11/3/2021