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Endorsement of EUR.1 and A.TR. movement certificates

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EUR.1 and A.TR. movement certificates filled by an exporter or its representative are endorsed by Customs.

If goods originating from an EU country have an existing EUR.1 movement certificate endorsed by Customs, preferential treatment can be granted in the country of destination. In turn, preferential treatment can be granted in Turkey to goods exported from the EU in accordance with the Customs Union agreement, if the product has an A.TR. movement certificate endorsed by Customs.

You can buy movement certificates from Grano Oy's webshop KopiStore authorised by Customs. Some copies may also be available at Customs offices with customer service.

If a company regularly exports goods to a country covered by a free trade agreement with the EU, it can apply to be authorised as an approved exporter. An approved exporter is authorised to make out invoice declarations and origin declarations, and to personally endorse A.TR. movement certificates.

Do the following

Before applying for an EUR.1 movement certificate, make sure that your company has documentation proving that the goods originate in the EU and are thus entitled to preferential treatment.

Send the EUR.1 or A.TR. forms to the nearest Customs office for authorisation. Attach a trade invoice or other commercial document detailing the export consignment.

You can also deliver the EUR.1 and A.TR. forms with the goods to Finnish Customs border crossing point for endorsement.

In urgent cases, Customs endorses certificates by appointment made via the booking service.

You can find the contact information of Customs offices and a list of Customs offices that offer services by appointment on Customs website. The customer service points have been listed in the service channels.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

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