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Electricity price comparison

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When comparing electricity prices, you can compare the electricity contract products of different electricity suppliers based on the postal code of the place where the electricity is used. Electricity price comparison is a service maintained by the Energy Authority to which electricity vendors are obliged to indicate the prices and contract terms on which they generally offer products to consumers or other small customers.

Electricity price comparison will look for electricity products that are suitable for you in accordance with your search terms. By clicking on the product name, you can view more detailed information about the product and also view the electricity supplier's contact details.

The information presented in the comparison is based on the electricity retail prices reported by electricity retailers, where the retailer generally provides electricity to consumers and other electricity users with a main fuse of up to 3 x 63 A, or where electricity is purchased at up to 100,000 kW per year.

You can tender the share of electricity that you consume. The electricity transmission fee cannot be put out to tender. Competitive tendering of electric energy can affect the price of the electricity you pay and the origin of the electricity you use.

Do the following

Enter the postal code and an estimate of annual consumption for the electricity price comparison. The easiest way to find annual consumption information is on your electricity bill, but you can also use the examples on the page to estimate your electricity consumption.

In the advanced search, you can specify the size of the main fuse, the type of contract, the measurement method (general, time or seasonal electricity) and the origin of the electricity.

The electricity price information service lists the electricity products that comply with the search terms and conditions and are available in the place where electricity is used. If you wish to change your electricity contract, please contact the electricity company of your choice.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

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Updated: 29/1/2021