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Customs clearance of removal goods

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When moving to Finland from abroad, clear your removal goods through Customs.

The provision of a customs declaration depends on the manner in which the removal goods are imported to Finland. You can find more detailed instructions on the Customs website. If you bring the removal goods with you, you can visit a Customs office upon arrival. Please note that you can use the customs clearance form 11 ...

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In general, removal goods are exempt from customs duty and tax. You can find more detailed instructions on moving to Finland on Customs’ website.

You will need the following documents for the customs clearance of removal goods:

  • form 45e (declaration on the conditions for exemption from customs duties and taxes on goods imported as removal goods)
  • a general list of the removal goods (for example, 20 kg of clothes, one bed, tableware etc.)
  • documents based on which the prerequisites for exemption from customs duty and tax can be verified; a certificate of employment or some other proof of your residence abroad is often sufficient
  • any permits if you have, for example, applied for an advance import licence for removal goods or an import licence for any weapons or other goods that require a permit

If your removal goods include goods subject to the import restrictions or other goods subject to customs duty and tax (e.g. alcohol), you must declare them separately.

In addition, Customs may request you to provide other documents and information.

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Updated: 30/9/2022