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Responsible for the service The Municipality of Sipoo

Culture Services in a Nutshell

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Culture Services in the municipality of Sipoo produce, coordinate and develop culture services for people of all ages, and coordinate basic education in the arts.

The municipality of Sipoo Culture Services is responsible for official cultural activities in the municipality.

  • Culture Services produce, coordinate and develop municipal culture services for people of all ages. The services also maintain and rent out Topeliussali exhibition and event hall, and produce various cultural events and occasions.
  • Culture Services in the municipality of Sipoo organize cultural events and activities for municipal inhabitants of all ages, as well as for tourists. The services cooperate actively with other leisure time services and actors in the culture sector.
  • Public art, a living and active culture environment and art are an important part of municipal culture services.
  • The municipality provides grants for local projects carried out by associations, groups, and individual artists.
  • Culture Services support various actors in the culture sector and help them to form networks on a local, regional and international level. Culture Services personnel help and provide support in organizing cultural events, and assists in public relations and event coordination. Culture Services also publish information about cultural activities and services in the region.
  • Culture Services coordinate basic education in the arts given in the municipality.
  • Culture Services provide versatile culture activities in cooperation with local associations, artist and art enthusiasts.

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Visit the Culture Services website for more information of the activities and service locations. For even more detailed information, choose your preferred mode of messaging and contact us!

Basic information

The service is provided byThe Municipality of Sipoo
Responsible for the serviceThe Municipality of Sipoo
Area Sipoo
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
Text edited by: The Municipality of Sipoo
Updated: 22/7/2021