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Cadastral procedures

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The real estate formation unit takes care of cadastral procedures in the Espoo town plan area. Cadastral procedures include parcelling of a plot, easement proceedings, definition of real estate (e.g. demarcation), parcelling of a public area or space as well as redemption of a parcel or exchange of land in conjunction with the parcelling.

In a cadastral procedure, in addition to real estate for ...

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To whom and on what terms

All those whose lives or interests are affected by local detailed planning have the right to take part and have a say in the process.

Background information

A local detailed plan is a detailed description of what will be built in a particular area and how the area will otherwise be used. A building may not be constructed in a manner that is in violation of the local detailed plan. Municipalities are responsible for drawing up local detailed plans in their own areas. The local detailed plan is approved by the local council, but the council’s authority may also be delegated in the standing orders to the municipal board or to a committee. Municipalities must review the local detailed plans on a regular basis and update them, as necessary. The names of streets, parks, recreational areas and squares are verified in the local detailed plan.

The local authority may impose a building prohibition in an area concerning which a local detailed plan is being drafted or amended. The building prohibition is in force for a maximum period of two years. While the plan remains incomplete, the local authority may extend the term by a maximum of two years at a time.

Local detailed planning can be influenced by making an initiative for planning or submitting an opinion on the plan currently under preparation. If the proposed plan impacts a resident's living or working, the resident has the right to submit a written notice on the plan proposal that is up for public viewing. Residents have the right to lodge a municipal appeal against the decision to confirm the plan.

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