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Becoming a location for non-military service

  • Service
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Central government authorities, public enterprises, non-profit organisations and religious communities and parishes can apply to become a location for non-military service.

Do the following

You can apply for the right to act as a location for non-military service by submitting the appropriate form to the Civilian Service Centre. In the form, the applicant is to assign a person in charge of non-military service matters. This person is charged with assigning the service duties, giving the necessary familiarisation training and supervising the person undertaking non-military service. In the application form, the applicant is to make a formal commitment to undertake the obligations of a service location.

Organisations under private law are to attach the following to the application:

  • a financial overview (the latest financial statement and annual report)
  • a statement of human resources (hired staff)
  • a statement of the scope and degree of permanence of operations
  • a statement showing their non-profit nature (statutes or articles of association, a statement from the Trade Register and a decision from the Tax Administration stating that the applicant is a non-profit organisation)
  • a description of the non-military service duties

The estimated processing time for applications is two weeks. Before an application from an organisation under private law is accepted or rejected, the Civilian Service Centre requests a statement from Defence Command. Parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and the Finnish Orthodox Church do not have to submit statements showing their non-profit nature.

To whom and on what terms

Acceptable as service locations:

  • Central authorities or public companies, independent state agencies, associations under public law
  • municipal authorities
  • religious communities or their parishes as referred to in the Act on the Freedom of Religion
  • non-profit organisations/associations/foundations under private law

Not acceptable as service locations: Political parties entered in the political party register, employer or employee organisations and organisations whose main purpose is making profit or other direct financial gain for the organisation or those involved in it.


  • assigning non-military service duties
  • arranging familiarisation training as needed
  • upkeep
  • supervision related to the service
  • keeping a register for the duration of the service
  • providing a certificate of clearance for a passport application, if needed

Upon signing the commitment form, the service location is charged with the upkeep of the person in service for the duration of the same. The service location is to pay the following in a regular and timely fashion, once a month or more frequently:

  • a per diem allowance for each day of service
  • a meal allowance if meals are not provided
  • the charge for the assigned accommodation
  • travel between accommodation and the workplace if 5 km or more
  • health care and dental care is to be provided

In addition, the manager is to

  • give familiarisation training concerning the service location and the duties
  • ensure that vacations are held
  • keep a record of the service in Sivariweb and discharge the person upon completion of the service
  • ensure that measures based on the Youth Guarantee are carried out
  • contact the Civilian Service Centre in cases of service violation and, if necessary, submit a written notice of the violation in cooperation with the person in charge of the service location. The written notice must always be signed by the person in charge.

Service locations commit to their duties unconditionally. Applicants willing to undertake only some of the duties or who in their application or a requested supplement fail to mention said commitment are not accepted as service locations.

The contract is valid until further notice. Dissolution of the contract requires a written request. If a location for non-military service substantially neglects its obligations, the Civilian Service Centre can revoke its rights as a service location.

The service is free of charge.

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