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Authorised consignor authorisation

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

An authorised consignor is a company that has been granted an authorisation to use simplified procedure for Union transit and can initiate T-transits in any place in Finland approved by Customs. The goods do not have to be presented to Customs. An authorised consignor can initiate T transit procedures at all Customs-approved warehouses located in Finland. A list of the warehouses can be found on t ...

Do the following

You can find Instructions for applying for the authorisation under Authorisations on the Customs website.

Processing time

The processing time for authorisation applications is 120 days from when they are approved for processing. An application can be approved for processing when it contains all details needed to make a decision, i.e. the application is fully completed and accompanied with the necessary attachments.

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