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Authorisation of T2L and T2LF documents (confirmation of Union status)

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If an export declaration has not been made for Union goods and the goods are transported from an EU country to another via an area outside the EU, a document has to be presented at the place of entry proving the goods’ Union status, and verified at the place of exit. If this document is missing, the goods will be treated as non-Union goods by the Customs of the place of entry.

The Customs office of the place of exit verifies the document proving the goods’ Union status. This document can be, among others:

  • the T2L or T2LF document filled in on page 4 of the SAD form
  • a trade invoice or shipping company’s goods manifest with the T2L or T2LF markings
  • other document approved in the EU Customs legislation

A Customs verification is not required if the total value of Union goods is 15,000 euros or less. In such cases, a trade invoice, transport document or similar can be accepted.

If Customs has granted a company written authorisation as an authorised issuer, the company can personally verify the Union status of goods.

Do the following

Present the document for confirmation at Customs well in advance before transporting the goods. You can request for confirmation of the document via Customs booking service in towns with no Customs offices providing customer service.

Visit Customs website for a list of Customs offices offering services by appointment. The customer service points have been listed in the service channel.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

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Updated: 10/2/2022