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Ask for opinions and hear the citizens

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The authorities can ask stakeholder groups to participate in the preparation of projects or hear their opinions through round of comments, hearings or platforms for discussion. Stakeholder groups include authorities, experts, organisations, companies and citizens.

The drafter of legislation must ask citizens and key stakeholder groups for opinions as part of each legislative drafting process. Written opinions are requested of the resulting draft government proposals or draft decrees.

The drafters of legislation, ministries, municipalities and other public administration organisations can ask the citizens to express their views informally on the Internet or arrange events for hearing the citizens.

Do the following

In the preparation of decrees, stakeholder groups and citizens are asked to give written statements on the legislative proposals. A request for an opinion is sent to every known key stakeholder group. Depending on the organisation and the request for opinion, it is also published in the service and/or at the organisation's website so that everyone interested can give their opinion.

Written opinions of legislative proposals are requested also when written statements have been requested in the earlier phases of preparation or other methods of hearing have been used.

A decision to not request written opinions of legislative proposals can only be made for justified reasons. If opinions are not requested based on the minor significance of the matter, for example, this has to be justified in the government proposal or the explanatory memorandum of the Decree.

When written opinions are requested, the draft government proposal, decree or order, a memorandum that includes the grounds of the decree or order and/or other material necessary for understanding the content of the legislative proposal are attached to the requests for an opinion.

It is recommended that the hearing and inclusion of citizens is started already in the preparation phase. The means to this end include open or targeted hearings, social media, questionnaires or online discussions in the service.

To whom and on what terms

Any representative of the organisation can open a hearing process.

The service is free of charge.

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