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Approval of slaughterhouses and small-scale slaughterhouses

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Approval of a slaughterhouse

According to the Food Act and related regulations, food premises or establishments must have an approval for processing foodstuffs of animal origin. Slaughterhouses, game handling establishments and adjoining meat industry establishments are approved by the Finnish Food Authority. The establishments must apply for an approval under the Food Act before starting operat ...

Do the following

Approval of a new establishment

Approval application

Slaughterhouses, game handling establishments and adjoining establishments shall apply for approval in writing with the Finnish Food Authority. Provisions on the content of approval applications are laid down in the Government Decree on food control (420/2011).

The application must include:

  1. name, municipality of residence and contact information of the food industry operator
  2. operator’s business ID or in the lack thereof, personal identity code
  3. name and address of the establishment
  4. description and estimated extent of operation
  5. report of any special space use arrangements aimed at ensuring sufficient food hygiene
  6. report of ventilation, water supply, sewer system, waste management and processing of by-products
  7. description of surface materials in the production, storage, cleaning, transport and staff facilities
  8. estimated start date of operation.

Required attachment:

  1. Layout, floor plan and HVAC drawings of the establishment, indicating production areas, use of the facilities and placement of equipment and fixtures. The floor plan must be submitted in two copies, and the plan must indicate:
  2. transport routes of raw materials, ingredients and finished foodstuffs, and packaging materials, by-products and waste
  3. staff access routes
  4. locations of water fixtures, washing and disinfection facilities and floor drains
  5. temperatures of refrigerated facilities
  6. use of the space according to the main drawings approved by building control authorities, and possible pending applications
  7. an own-check plan.

Attach also standard operating procedures on the killing of animals and related actions, as referred to in Article 6 of the Council Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 (the killing regulation), to the application. Requirements of the killing regulation do not apply to game handling establishments.

Additional information

•Standard operating procedures for killing and slaughtering animals

Applicants can submit a free-form application or use the form provided by the Finnish Food Authority.

Application form (Word)

Submit the signed approval application to the Meat Inspection Unit of the Finnish Food Authority:

Finnish Food Authority / Meat Inspection Unit

P.O. Box 200


or electronically to the Finnish Food Authority registry at

To whom and on what terms

Approval inspection and decision

The Finnish Food Authority must conduct an inspection visit before approving an establishment. The approval inspection can only be done after the establishment has applied for approval, the application with attachments has been processed by the Finnish Food Authority, and the establishment is almost ready to start operations. Moreover, the entire own-checks plan must be submitted to the Finnish Food Authority before the inspection, so that the contents and scope of the own-checks plan can be evaluated in connection to the approval of the establishment.

When the written materials have been reviewed and the final approval inspection performed, the Finnish Food Authority will make an assessment and determine whether the structures and activities of the establishment meet the set requirements. A written decision is given of the approval of the establishment. The establishment may not start operations before receiving a positive approval decision. In connection with approval, the Finnish Food Authority also grants the establishment an approval number (establishment number).

All decisions are subject to a fee in accordance with the charge rates provided by the supervisory authority (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Decree (1146/2018) on the chargeable services provided by the Finnish Food Safety Authority).

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