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Approval of by-product plants

  • Permit or other obligation
  • 5 municipalities
  • Public service

Plants storing derived products (by-products are transported to a co-incineration plant for disposal or incineration), intermediary plants, and incineration plants compliant with the Animal By-Products Regulation must have been approved before the launch of operations.

You need an approval to start the operation of an animal by-product plant from the veterinary inspector of the Rovakaari region.

Do the following

Apply for approval by submitting the application form you have filled out to the municipal veterinarian. Before the approval is granted, the municipal veterinarian conducts an inspection to ensure that your plant and its operations meet the requirements for approval.

Apply for approval using the Finnish Food Authority's form K (application under the by-product regulation to the municipal veterinarian for the registration and approval of the plant).

You can submit the application to the veterinary inspector, in the Rovakaari environmental health care area, by sending it by post or by bringing it to the office. You can also send the application by email to valvontaelainlaakarit[at]

For more information, contact your veterinary inspector, the customer service telephone for environmental health care, visit the office, or send an e-mail to valvontaelainlaakarit[at]

To whom and on what terms

A plant can be approved when it complies with the requirements of the Animal By-Products Regulation and a municipal veterinarian has conducted an inspection before the approval.

An operator must notify the municipal veterinarian about changes to their operations or termination of their operations. In the event of a significant operational change, the operator must apply for an approval of the change before the changed operations begin. If the approved plant no longer meets the conditions for approval, the approval can be revoked either temporarily or permanently.

If the operator has established itself in another country in the European Economic Area and temporarily offers services in Finland, the same approvals are required as from operators established in Finland.


An approval must be applied for before the launch of operations.

Period of validity

The approval is valid until further notice.

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Rovakaari Environmental Health Services

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Rovakaari Environmental Health Services
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Updated: 27/1/2023