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Applying for non-military service

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

If conviction-related reasons prevent you from performing the military service, you may apply for non-military service. The period of non-military service is 347 days and the service begins with a four-week training period at the Civilian Service Centre. The rest of the service is performed in work service at a service location which is useful to society and which you obtain.

After accepting the ...

Do the following

You can submit the non-military service application in the call-up at the earliest. Your application is processed by the Defence Forces regional office. Submit the filled and signed non-military service application

  • to the call-up board if you apply for non-military service in the call-up
  • to the Defence Forces regional office if you have already been to a call-up and have not yet started the military service
  • to the commander of the concerned military unit if you apply for non-military service during the military service
  • to a Finnish embassy or consulate if you live abroad

To whom and on what terms

You can apply for non-military service

  • if you are an under 31-year-old person liable for military service and have been to a call-up
  • if you have performed more than 30 days of women’s voluntary military service.


The application to non-military service must be made at the latest during the year when you turn 30.

Period of validity

When you have been approved as a person liable for non-military service, the liability to perform the non-military service will end at the end of the year during which you turn 30. After that, you belong to the civil reserve until the year when you turn 50.

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