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Aid for stocking horticultural products

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The aid for stocking horticultural products is paid on the basis of the storage space available for stocking domestic outdoor vegetables (cultivated area of at least one hectare).

The purpose of horticultural support is to promote domestic horticultural production and to ensure the quality and amount of the food produced.

The aid is national and payable throughout the entire country. In support ...

Do the following

You can apply for the aid in mid-November by submitting form 228 and form 228B. You cannot apply electronically.

Declare the November stock volumes with the aid application form 228 and stock volumes with the form 228B. The form 228B must be submitted since 29.1.2021.

The aid is granted by the ELY Centres for Ostrobothnia and Southwest Finland and by the State Department of Åland.

You will receive the aid in March or April of the calendar year following the application year.

The ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia processes the applications and grants the aid in the following areas in addition to its own area: Southern Ostrobothnia, Northern Ostrobothnia, North Savo, North Karelia, Kainuu and Lapland.

The ELY Centre for Southwest Finland processes the applications and grants the aid in the following areas in addition to its own area: Southwest Finland, Uusimaa, Satakunta, Southeast Finland, Pirkanmaa, Häme and South Savo.

The State Department of Åland manages the Åland Islands.

To whom and on what terms

You must be at least 18 years old and produce the stocked goods yourself. If a community applies for the aid, at least one person must be over 18 years old.

Your cultivated area must be at least one hectare in size, and included in the current year’s application submitted during the spring’s main application period for support.

Eligible produce include; Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, swede, celeriac, turnip, apple, parsnip, carrot, beetroot, red cabbage, leek, Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage, onion (including garlic) and white cabbage

The aid is granted per cubic metre of produce. The minimum quantity is one cubic metre. The amount of support you receive is influenced by the average number of stocked produce in November and December. The amount of your support also depends on the technical level of your warehouse (mechanically cooled or other warehouse).

When applying for stocking aid, you agree to keep stock records between 1 November and 31 December for the amount of produce to the cubic metre (m3).

The service is provided by

ELY Centre for Varsinais-Suomi, ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia

Other responsible organisations

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Responsible for the service

Finnish Food Authority
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Updated: 9/2/2022