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AGREX export certificate

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Exporting certain agriculture products to third countries requires an AGREX export certificate. Such a product is rice. In some cases when exporting agricultural products to third countries, preferential treatment is applied which is often tied to a certain maximum amount, a tariff quota. Tariff quotas allow for reduced customs duties when exporting products from the region to specific third count ...

To whom and on what terms

For companies that export certain agricultural products from the EU to certain third countries. In some cases AGREX export certificates require setting a security collateral in euros before the AGREX export certificate can be granted. The tariff quotas often also have other conditions, such as proof of previous trade with third countries. A company applying for an AGREX certificate must be in the Finnish VAT Register, must register as a client of the Finnish Food Authority’s Market Department and apply for credentials for the application service for import and export certificates. The company must have an EORI number granted by Customs.

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Updated: 3/1/2023