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A company’s energy audit for large companies

  • Permit or other obligation
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A company’s energy audit is mandatory for all large companies regardless of the sector. A company’s energy audit must be carried out every four years.

A company’s energy audit concerns the entire company or group. The energy audit assesses the company’s energy consumption everywhere it uses energy, such as buildings, production plants and transports. The energy audit includes target audits to provide detailed information on the target’s energy consumption and appropriate energy efficiency measures.

The person responsible for a company’s energy audit can be a person whose qualification has been determined by the Energy Authority. The responsible person ensures that the company’s energy audit and the included target audits meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Act and the related decrees. The Energy Authority maintains a register of qualified persons responsible on its website.

Do the following

1 Take a look at the Energy Efficiency Act, the regulations issued under it, and guidelines on the websites of the Energy Authority and Motiva

2 Choose a person certified by the Energy Authority to be responsible for the company’s energy audit. The person responsible can be from the same organisation or a third-party consultant.

3 Carry out the company’s energy audit in accordance with the law and regulations.

To whom and on what terms

The energy audit is mandatory for large companies. A large company is defined as a company or group that has:

  • over 250 employees
  • a turnover of over €50 million and balance sheet of over €43 million.

The definition takes into account the total number of employees, turnover and balance sheets of the group or company registered in Finland and its companies in Finland and abroad. If a company is defined as a large company, all of its companies in Finland are subject to the obligation.

A large company does not need to carry out an energy audit if:

  • it uses the certified energy management system ISO 50001
  • it uses the certified environmental management system ISO 14 001 and the certified ETJ+ system
  • the company is involved in the energy efficiency agreement system and it uses the ETJ+ system.

The service is free of charge.


The mandatory energy audit must be carried out every four years.

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